Back to School

First day back to school for Grades 1 - 7 is Tuesday, September 5th!  School hours remain the same:  8:30-3:05.  Parents may login to Powerschool to see the name of your child’s teacher after August 30, 2017.  Additional details will be emailed at the end of August and this information will also be available on the BES website.  Please click here for school supply information.

In September, we will be using both the newer section of the old school (Squirrel Street side with the beautiful windows) and the new school for classrooms spaces.  Grades 1, 4-7 will be in phase 1, Grades 2 & 3 classes will be in both spaces, and Kindergarten will be in the current classrooms.  The school office will open on August 28th and will be located in phase 1. The gym and library in our current building will still be used until phase 2 has been built.