Right From the Start

Right from the Start is part of the Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools Initiative (MHCB), led by Alberta Health Services in collaboration with Alberta Education, and funded through grants from Alberta Health. The purpose of the initiative is to establish projects that provide the staffing and support required to implement and integrated, school-based community mental health promotion, prevention, and early intervention program. The projects are locally planned, coordinated and implemented through partnerships with Alberta Health Services Zones, school jurisdictions, parents, community agencies and other regional service providers.

The intended outcomes of the Mental Health Capacity Building in Schools Initiative are to: develop and enhance collaborative practices among inter- and cross-sectorial prevention and service providers in school settings; reduce barriers and stigma; engage students, parents, partners, and community members in the development, implementation, and progress of their projects; support easier access to services as requested by service providers, students, parents and school staff; and increase effectiveness while reducing the need for more intensive mental health and crisis services in the long-term. 

Right from the Start is housed out of Banff Elementary, Elizabeth Rummel Elementary and provides extension supports to grade 4 students at Lawrence Grassi Middle School. There are two Success Coaches and two Wellness Mentors at both school sites. Right from the Start provides Universal and targeted supports to all students and families. The Wellness Mentors engage students daily, providing opportunities for learning and exploration into how we can all self-protect and maintain our mental health. The Success Coaches assist students and families in acquiring skills that will better enable them to create opportunities for mental health and well-being, focusing on resiliency skills that can be called upon now and for the future. Please feel free to stop in and say hello- our doors are always open!

Please click here to visit our Right From the Start website. 

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