Full Day, Attendance: Sept.11 2014

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Full day

Friday, Sept., 12 (tomorrow)
Gr. 1 to 6
No Kindergarten classes on all Fridays in September
Automated Alert

With the implementation of our new student management system, 'Power School', starting tomorrow you will receive an automated email and phone message stating that you child is absent. You should not receive this if you have notified the school. Please contact the school if there are any questions and appreciate your patience during this change over. 

Attendance Line

To ensure a safe and caring school environment, Banff Elementary School has implemented an “Attendance Line” to assist in tracking students’ attendance. Parents are asked to use this process when notifying our school about an attendance issue for our students before 8:30 am and 1:00 pm . By using this system, we can enhance our office procedures relating to attendance. It is a very simple procedure that is outlined below:

1. Dial 403-762-4465 and you will be connected to school's Voice Mail system. 

2. When you hear the main greeting, press '1' which is our school's "Attendance Line" extension. 

3. Follow the online prompt. The information that our school typically would like to acquire is: 

    Name of Parent

    Name of Student

    Grade of Student

    Dates of Absence

    Reason for Absence


Example:  “Hello. This is John Doe. My son William, Grade 4A, will be absentMonday,

                  September 16 because of illness.”

4. After leaving your message you may hang up. 


Lunch Days​

First Lunch Days online order due by Friday September 12. Payment must be dropped off at the school office by September 12 as well. 

Please go to 'Munch a Lunch' at https://secure.munchalunch.com/apps/Munch/frmNewUser.aspx?school=12590Banff and follow the prompts to register your child or children for session 1. 



Did You Know?

Our BES Family Handbook informs you of one strategy called Stop, Stop, Report, for solving conflicts, that we teach students at BES. It reads:

Solving Problems at Banff Elementary: 3 Steps to 


What do you do…..when there is a “conflict” at school? 

Step 1: STOP If someone is bugging you or there is a conflict, you tell them to 


Use an “I” message like, 

“I don’t like how you are playing this game.” 

……..if the person does not stop 

Step 2: STOP Tell them to STOP and let them know that if they do it 

again you will have to report them to an adult. 

……..if the person continues to bug you or there is still a conflict 

for a 3rd time, find the nearest adult (Playground Supervisor, Teacher) and… 

Step 3: REPORT Report to an adult that you have told the person to stop 2 times