Walk to School Wednesdays: Sept. 16, 2014

A message from Colin Harris at the Town of Banff.


Can Banff Elementary students walk across Canada?


Banff Elementary and the Town of Banff are partnering up to promote Healthy Schools and  starting Walk to School Wednesdays”.  To promote active transportation for students, we are tracking each class to see who walks, bikes or scooters to school on Wednesdays. Tracking sheets will be available in each class for students to indicate their healthy choices. Over the course of the year, we will record our progress on the giant map of Canada posted at the school to see if they can make it from Newfoundland to British Columbia!


Why walk to school?

1.       Time spent outside contributes to good mental healthphysical health, and even improved academic performance!

2.       Banff can be a great example of an active community!  Only 7% of Canadian students between 5-17 years of age are meeting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day. We can beat that!

3.       Students at BES said walking to school:  – helps save the environment, improves your health, creates less traffic, gets kids active and is fun!

Banff is a walking friendly community!


Some students may be too young to walk on their own, however let’s get involved in active transportation together and enjoy our community on foot.


If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to contact Colin Harris at colin.harris@banff.ca or 403 762-1126.