Halloween Parade, Fees, Picture Re-Take: Oct 30, 2014

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Full Day
Friday, Oct 31 (tomorrow) 
School fees
School fees invoice has been sent home and are due by Nov 30. 
Halloween Parade
Friday, Oct 31 at 1:20 pm
Students' Costumes may only be worn in the afternoon and will be given time to change into their costumes at the end of the lunch break at around 1:00 pm. No weapons or offensive costumes, all toy and replica weapons on their costumes must be left at home. Parents are always welcome to join any assembly. Please enter the school from the gym back door, which will open at 1:10 pm. Please bring a non-perishable food item for food bank donation. 
Photo Retake Day - Nov. 4th
Please click here for more details. 
Walking Field Trips, Emergency Closure Plan and Medical Alert Form
Will be send home next Monday and due to return by Friday, Nov. 7. 
Online Parent Portal
Parent Portal letter with instructions, Access ID and Password is still available for parents to pick up in the school office. Over time there will be many advantages to using this system. Details for Parent Portal is available on our website
Message from Parks Canada
Keep Critters From Your Doorstep This Halloween: Bring Your Pumpkins Inside 
At this time of year, bears are very busy feeding on a variety of food sources, as they try to fatten up before denning for the winter.  Bears may also be attracted to fruit trees in yards or human food (including pumpkins) and garbage in townsites and campgrounds.  Please ensure that all potential bear attractants -- garbage, pumpkins, pet food, BBQ grease, empty bottles, bird feeders -- are stored in bearproof locations.

What you can do:
Pumpkins are a tasty treat that can attract wildlife such as bears, elk and deer; do not leave them unattended. Never leave food (including pumpkins) or garbage outside or in an accessible location (porch, deck, shed, tent, trailer, etc.). Compost old pumpkins in Banff's designated organic waste bins. Do not leave pet food outside. Deposit all garbage in bear-proof bins. Keep BBQ's clean and grease-free. Be aware that bird feeders attract bears. Report all bear and elk sightings  in the townsite to Banff Park Dispatch (24 hours) at 762-1470.


Halloween Stories and "Stew" at the Banff Public Library Tonight!!                       
If your child is between the ages of 7-12, please have them join Mandi at the public library tonight at 7pm for some spook-a-licious stories and a healthy serving of “Halloween Stew”! 
From the BES Team