Parent Portal, Anxiety Workshop, CRPS Press Release: Jan 22, 2015


Full Day
Friday, Jan 23 (tomorrow)
Power School - Parent Portal (Important message) 
BES weekly email updates, emergency broadcast and automated alert messages will be sent through PowerSchool starting next week Jan 29th. The will no longer be used for our weekly emails.
There are still over 100 families who have NOT picked up their letter and information (#1 below) to ensure that ALL email addresses and phone #s are current. 
It is important for parents to keep the contact information up-to-date in Power School - Parent Portal. 
1) Create an account: picked up the letter with instructions, Access ID and Password, ASAP from the school office. 
2) Update contact information: Two email addresses, home phones and cell phones could be updated.
3) Please click here to logon to PowerSchool  in 'Power Announcement' tab, located on the left hand side of the main page / expand the 'preferences by contact field' tab to update contact information. 
Right From the Start
Decreasing Anxiety Workshop
Thursday, Feb 12
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
BES Library
Please click here for details.

CRPS Press Release - Community Project Grant 

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Please see the school web-site at for additional information, updated calender,stories and student work! Emails are also archived on the front page under Email Updates.