Bullying Awareness Week

November 12 - 16 is Bullying Awareness week. At BES we’re taking action to make sure that all children have the tools to be safe in and out of school.

Here are some of the programs addressing bullying that will be featured at the school:

  • Anti-bullying week: during the week of November 12-17 all students will be learning strategies and tools that can be used to prevent bullying.
  • Girls' World/Boys Council: presented in partnership with Banff YWCA and FCSS, this program is for grades 4 girls and boys and explores ways to develop positive relationships.
  • Peer Mentorship Program: under the guidance of BES, BCHS, and FCSS staff, this program partners trained high school students with grade 6 students to explore ways to build positive relationships.

In addition, the Right From the Start program provides ongoing support for all students, parents, and teachers. In the school every day, Allyson Van Impe and Kat Wiebe provide students with expert guidance and a safe place to work on developing skills and tools to address whatever challenges they might face.

One of the most important things we can do to prevent bullying is to encourage our children to share any concerns or worries with a trusted adult – knowing about a situation allows us to be proactive in supporting our children.