Welcome Back!

Welcome back! With smiles, hugs, new clothes, hopes and dreams – and a few tears, too – another school year has begun. It was wonderful to see so many parents and grandparents at the school throughout the first day. Teachers and other school staff have been working hard preparing for this day and all went very well.

We are excited to welcome back so many students and to welcome many new students. At the end of the first day 349 students are enrolled at BES – a new record!

This year we will continue initiatives and ideas started last year as well as introducing some new.

  • Habits of mind: BES will continue to focus on the development of habits of mind. Regular assemblies and work in classrooms will provide opportunities for students to develop habits such as persistence, controlling impulsivity, and listening with empathy, habits that will prepare students for success in any endeavour.
  • Learning, safety, kindness: We will also continue emphasizing our school values of learning, safety, and kindness. These three values form the foundation of all that happens in the school.
  • Nurturing a culture of excellence: Canadian Rockies Public Schools will focus on nurturing a culture that leads to excellence in teaching and learning. During our professional learning times we will explore and nurture teaching habits and strategies that improve student learning, performance, and engagement.

Every year I have adopted a personal theme to guide my thinking and actions; last year it was “Ours is a community of possibility, not a community of problems.” This summer I found a quote that really inspired me, prompting me to think about why I do what I do and, perhaps more importantly, how I do it. I’ve shared this quote with school staff and parent council with the intention of having it guide our interactions with children: "the ways we think about and talk to children become their inner voice".

I wish you and your family a great school year. As always please feel free to visit with me about your ideas and questions!