The Results of Our Litterless Lunch Day

This past Friday, April 20, we are had a ‘Litterless Lunch’ – a lunch where no litter is left behind when lunch is done – to recognize Earth Day. Ms. Richards’ class weighed the garbage we produced Thursday, a ‘regular’ lunch, and Friday, our litterless lunch day. One Thursday we produced approximately 5kg of garbage – on Friday it was reduced to just over 2kg of garbage. What a great change! Imagine the impact that this could have if we did this every day!

Here are some tips on making a litterless lunch:

  • Lunch Bag: Use a bag or container that can be reused
  • Food and drink containers: Using a reusable container will reduce the amount of waste from food wrappings or throw-away containers. The advantage of plastic containers is that they are light-weight and if they come with snap lids, they’re easy to open by even the smallest hands. When looking for a safe-plastic container that does not leach BPA and other harmful chemicals into food, look at the triangle code. Avoid #3, #6 & #7. Polypropylene containers which are marked with #5 are food-safe and are not known to leach any chemicals.
  •  Napkins: Many students use paper towels as napkins, and these end up in the garbage. Not only are cloth napkins great for the environment, they are light and feel pleasant on your skin.
  • Cutlery: Many students throw away plastic cutlery – pack a reusable fork and spoon. It’s also a great idea to keep an extra in a locker as a backup!

When we go out hiking or camping we’re often reminded to pack out every thing that we pack in – the same could apply to the lunchroom.  As a general guideline, encourage your child to remember “pack it in, pack it out”. Remind your child to bring back any food that’s not eaten, any containers that can be reused, and to recycle anything that can be reused.  We’re hopeful that a few easy changes can help us reduce the amount of waste we produce at lunch!