Fun with Science!

Ever wanted to design a roller coaster? Build a boat? BES students are doing this and more during a visit from Science in Motion, a program from the Telus World in Science in Edmonton. My. Woytuck and Constable Angela Richard, our school liason officer, even played along! Every student will participate in hands-on and experiential science activities, with grades exploring the following topics:

  • Kindergarten: Powerful Patterns (Exploring patterns that exist around us)
  • grade K/1: Chilling Out (How do animals survive hot and cold?)
  • grade 1: Color (What is color and how do we see it?)
  • grade 2: Boats&Floats (exploring what floats and what sinks – and why)
  • grade 3:  Thrill Rides  (designing roller coasters to study design, construction, and motion)
  • grade 4/5: Weather (what makes our weather?)
  • grade 6: Flight (exploring the principles of flight by designing flying objects)