BES continues to shine!

Every year the provincial government releases information on the performance of Alberta schools based on parent feedback and other results such as achievement on Provincial Achievement Tests. This information is now available for the 2011 and is playing an important role for school goal-setting for upcoming years.

I am honoured to inform you that BES children continue to exceed provincial averages in Provincial Achievement Tests at both the acceptable level (BES 86%/Alberta 79%) and excellence level (BES 26%/Alberta (19%).

The above academic achievement indicators are but one measure of how our children are succeeding in school. I note that 93% of BES teachers, parents and students feel that our schools are safe and caring, and 91% of teachers and parents are satisfied with parental involvement in school decisions.

Based on parent feedback and the report we will continue to work on providing a broad program of studies that includes the fine arts and outdoor education. Working with Parent Council we will strive to ensure that students continue to have access to excellent school programs.

The results of the report highlight the excellent work of all school staff and parents in creating a fantastic school and community – thank you for all your contributions. We are truly a “community of possibility, not a community of problems”!

Please click here to view the school’s 2012 – 2014 Three Year plan.