We Elevate Banff

The staff and students are thankful for the generous support received from The Banff Community Foundation in the Foundation’s recent grant announcements. BES received significant funding from The Banff Community Foundation for the following school programs:

  • Food for Learning: funding to provide healthy snacks and lunches, ensuring that students have the energy and nutrition required for learning, playing, and growing.
  • Outdoor Pursuits: Capitalizing on our unique national park environment, young people are guided in exploring of leisure activities that lead to lifelong habits of active living and a willingness to try new things.
  • Environmental Education: Learning in our natural setting to inspire greater understanding of the local environment, our national park, and core learnings about science, heritage, and history.
  • Community Connections: A collaborative intergenerational experience for children from Lake Louise to Exshaw designed to foster greater awareness and understanding of Nakoda/Stoney heritage, arts, and history.

A very big thank you to The Banff Community Foundation for their generous and ongoing support of our efforts to “elevate Banff”!