Banff Lodging Co. Kids & Youth Ski Passes

Banff Lodging Company is once again supporting Banff kids & youth ski passes at Banff Norquay.  Under this program, all students at Banff Elementary School and Banff Community High School are eligible to receive a season pass for the 2018-19 ski season at Banff Norquay for a nominal administration fee of $25.00+GST.  Payment is accepted by Banff Norquay ONLY - by mail (with a cheque) or by fax (with a credit card number) or in person at Banff Norquay. Norquay will start issuing passes when they open (beginning of November).  Pass pictures will be taken upon pickup.  Applications and payments are NOT accepted at BES.  


Please click here for the Grade 1 - 6 application form.
Please click here for the Grade 7 - 12 application form.

Please note that Tiger passes are available for children 5 years and under for $25 + GST and can be purchased at Banff Norquay.

Mail or fax your application and payment to Mt Norquay P.O.Box 1520 Banff, AB T1L 1B4 Fax: 403-762-8133 | Toll Free: 1-866-GO4-SNOW (464-7669) | 403-762-4421 (Mon-Fri)

Please click here for more information on Norquay's Banff PD Friday program.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!