April 9, 2020 Update

Spotlight on Learning
Be a historian and join many of our students in their quest to keep a record of their daily lives during these unprecedented times. We are living history! We encourage each family to keep a record – in one or more different forms of your own choosing, a journal, a blog, an e-portfolio, a film, a series of artworks, a short story, poems, a series of haikus – of your life in these unprecedented days. Get the whole family involved! Here are some questions to get you started:

-How are you and your family spending your time?  

-What are your hopes and dreams? 

-What have you learned about staying healthy?  

-What is a goal you have set for yourself?

-What are you grateful for?

Reading some of the student writing has been heartwarming and heartbreaking.  Here are some excerpts that made me smile and brought tears to my eyes:

“I’m grateful for my family and friends and not getting sick and keeping alive”

“My family is feeling worried for the people dying and getting sick.”

“I hope the virus will be gone so we can go back to normal.”

“I am grateful for spending time with my family.”

“I want to learn some new songs and learn some magic tricks.”

“I want to try and make a lava lamp. I am grateful for lots of time to sled and play.”

“I think I might finish my puzzle tomorrow because my Mom is home tomorrow.”

“I would prefer to be at school.”

Spring Break (including Good Friday)
April 10 - 19 School including online learning is closed for Spring Break

You Can Count on BES Staff
Thinking of all our students and families. We hope you are staying healthy in every way. Please click here for our staff video and spread the love!

CUBS Chronicles
Please click here to read the student written school newsletter called the CUBS CHRONICLES!

Town of Banff

Join Pete every week on Monday / Wednesday / Friday at 3pm for a chat, connect with friends, and discuss and practice all things sport!  Geared to Grades 5-8.  Link at Banff.ca/active

Monday Madness (3:00pm Zoom gathering).  Keep your mind and body active. Goal setting, creative activities at home, sports chat and conversation.  

Community Connections (3pm Zoom gathering).  Today is Today… Let’s make the most of it. Invite your friends to our family-style gathering. Show us what you’ve been up to. All welcome. 

First Try Fridays (3pm Zoom gathering).  All things sport! Bring “something to the table”, share your tricks, success and failure is warmly welcomed.
Connect online with your friends and community and this free-spirited gathering. As we are facing challenging times, we must continue to set challenges for ourselves. Be creative and resourceful, join our online network and stay connected. Pete would love to see your faces and reconnect with some fun and games!

CRPS Board Meeting Highlights
Please follow the link to view the highlights from the March 25, 2020 Public School Board Meeting.

Right from the Start
Are you looking for something to do over Spring Break? Right from the Start has put together a Wellness Wheel Activity for your family! Here's an introductory video to the Wellness Wheel. To play along, print and cut out this dice. Each day during the break, have someone in your family roll the dice and choose an idea from the wellness wheel activity sheet that takes care of that area of health. If you don't have access to a printer, that's okay! Choose one area from the wellness wheel to focus on each day or use a regular dice and number each area of the Wellness Wheel.
We would love to hear what your family does to promote positive mental health! Parents, feel free to share on our Facebook page.
You can also have a look at our Newsletter and website Right from the Start for more good mental health resources.
As always, we look forward to connecting with you via social media:

Right From The Start

Settlement Services
Settlement Services provides Permanent Residents of Canada, Live-In Caregivers and Refugees with the support they need to settle in the Bow Valley. Please click the link for the Settlement Services April Newsletter. More information about Settlement Services and a calendar of events is available at: https://banff.ca/167/Settlement-Services-in-the-Bow-Valley or follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/settlement.services.in.the.bow.valley/.

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