April 3, 2020 Update

Spotlight on Learning
This week, our Spotlight on Learning focuses on YOU!  Parents have been essential learning coaches as every one of us navigates this unprecedented teaching and learning online. You are doing an amazing job!  We recognize there have been frustrating and challenging moments, and your persistence is to be commended. If you are looking for additional resources, please check out the new RFTS website or for quick tips on getting started, here are a few suggestions: Learning at Home.  

P.S.  Please model good digital citizenship, and refrain from posting on social media photos of your child's screen when other children's faces are visible. Thank you.

Spring Break (including Good Friday)
April 10 - 17 School including online learning is closed for Spring Break

Expectations for Students Online

Students are expected to practice good digital citizenship by behaving in a respectful manner in the online environment. Inappropriate behaviour, comments in the chat or gestures on video or audio will not be tolerated and can result in a temporary loss of access to online learning. ie: Chat conversation must be appropriate and it is not a time to chat with friends!

Any inappropriate behaviour online will result in students being removed from the lesson and their parents contacted by the teacher. A second offence will result in administration contacting home and the loss of student access to their CRPS account for a period of time. A loss of access would mean no access to Google Meet, Docs, Mail or Classroom.

Teachers may choose to record online sessions so that students may revisit for learning.

Online Safety

Due to the FBI investigation into Zoom security and “zoom-bombing” incidents, all CRPS classes have been directed to use the encrypted Google Meet as our video conferencing platform.  The office staff (Joanne, Jodi, Debbie & Mike), as well as your child’s teacher, are happy to help anyone needing assistance with this transition.

School Council Message

Draft Minutes from the last meeting on March 25th can be found on the School Council tab of the BES website: https://bes.crps.ca/Meetings.php. Please keep in touch on the new Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Banff.Elementary.School.Council/


Lunch Program

The lunch program has been cancelled for the remainder of the school year. Orders from March 17 to June 18 have been removed from your MunchaLunch account. This will create a credit on your account which can be used for next year’s lunch program. To see your current balance, please log into your MunchaLunch account (munchalunch.com). If you require a refund, School Council is working on how to support this request. More information will follow after spring break.

Town of Banff

Join Pete every week on Monday / Wednesday / Friday at 3pm for a chat, connect with friends, and discuss and practice all things sport!  Geared to Grades 5-8.  Link at Banff.ca/active

Monday Madness (3:00pm Zoom gathering).  Keep your mind and body active. Goal setting, creative activities at home, sports chat and conversation.  

Community Connections (3pm Zoom gathering).  Today is Today… Let’s make the most of it. Invite your friends to our family-style gathering. Show us what you’ve been up to. All welcome. 

First Try Fridays (3pm Zoom gathering).  All things sport! Bring “something to the table”, share your tricks, success and failure is warmly welcomed.

Connect online with your friends and community and this free-spirited gathering. As we are facing challenging times, we must continue to set challenges for ourselves. Be creative and resourceful, join our online network and stay connected. Pete would love to see your faces and reconnect with some fun and games!

Hockey Fans?

The Flames@School is offering students and parents a new educational booklet ready to download and learn. During these exceptional times, the Flames@School program is allowing parents to register on the “Teachers” side of the site so they can access all lesson plans directly. When creating their new enrolment, parents should select “home school” for “School System”. Click here for the link.

School and Family Wellness Worker
During these uncertain times it can be helpful for students and families to have someone they can connect with to talk about their fears and emotions. Please know that you can access Ms. Van Impe via phone and email. She is available too through google hangouts to meet face to face with you or your children. Reach out; together we can support each other with effective new ways to address social emotional supports. 

Allyson Van Impe (she/her)

School and Family Wellness Worker

Canadian Rockies Public Schools

403-762-4465 ex.6089

Right from the Start
Hello BES families! Just a reminder that Right from the Start is here, ready to share mental health support activities with all of our students. During this time, we're trying to find new ways to connect with you. Our activities come to students via the teachers' educational slides, and on our new website Right from the Start. You can also have a look at our Newsletter for more good mental health resources. And as always, we look forward to connecting with you via social media:

Right From The Start

Settlement Services
Settlement Services provides Permanent Residents of Canada, Live-In Caregivers and Refugees with the support they need to settle in the Bow Valley. Please click the link for the Settlement Services April Newsletter. More information about Settlement Services and a calendar of events is available at: https://banff.ca/167/Settlement-Services-in-the-Bow-Valley or follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/settlement.services.in.the.bow.valley/.

Please see the school web-site at http://bes.crps.ca/ for additional information, updated calendar, stories and student work! Emails are also archived on the front page under E-NEWS.   Please like us on Facebook for news and reminders.

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