May 8, 2020 Update

Spotlight on Learning
Our students have written heartwarming letters to frontline healthcare workers.  One letter a day is being posted to the hospital’s Facebook page
( Here are a few examples:

Dear Banff Hospital Staff,


I wanted to say thank you for all you do. You have looked after me with a broken elbow and a high fever but not the coronavirus. The coronavirus has us staying home right now and changed our lives for a while. I'm sure it has changed your lives as well.


My family and I are staying at home and this is our way to not get sick. I know it’s important to stay healthy and not end up in hospital. If there are too many people in the hospital it will make your job very hard to do.


It's hard to stay home. My sister drives me crazy sometimes, but it is nice to have someone to play with. We are going for bike rides, playing in our backyard and playing a game called “Ticket To Ride”. It's a fun game. 


I hope your families are healthy and spending some time together. Thank you for being there to support our community.  



Grade 4 student from Banff Elementary School

To the Staff of the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital,


This pandemic has been a huge part of everyone’s life in the world. During this time everyone has been staying at home and isolating. It must be very hard to go to work everyday knowing that there is a pandemic happening and being away from family and working endlessly. Even encountering sick people not knowing what virus they bring. It is such a huge responsibility to take care of sick people and at the same time protecting yourselves.You guys must be wearing full protective equipment that isn't very comfortable. Everyday people still go to work, but you guys go to work where you are exposed to risks and danger. Please take good care of yourselves. And thank you for the courage. Thank you for risking your own lives to save others. Thank you for your everyday efforts of keeping us safe. 


                                                                              Grade 7 student of Banff Elementary School

Dear Healthcare Workers,


Thank you for all that you have done to help, you all are the real superheroes and there are no right words to thank you all enough for the great job you have done to help all the people that are sick. Captain America and Iron Man could not compare to the great deeds you have done in this time of need, you all have worked hours on end just to help people, and I could not imagine how hard it is to see people suffering in that way. We at Banff Elementary School will do our part in staying home so that this pandemic can be over soon. Once again we thank you for all that you have done and hope that this will all be over soon.


Sincerely, Grade 7 student of Banff Elementary School

Dear Healthcare Hero,


Thank you so much for everything you are doing to prepare Banff for COVID-19 and protect us. I wash my hands so much they are super dry and have almost turned to dust. My family and I are practicing social distancing. It is hard but as a town I believe we can do it. I am super thankful for everything you are doing for us. Keep up the good work.


Sincerely, A Grade 5 student


Teachers are in the process of arranging to meet with you for parent-teacher conferences either via Google Meet or phone between May 4 and May 15. They are looking forward to connecting with you!

Kindergarten French/English
Due to a reduction in funding for our Kindergarten “Half & Half” program, next year (2020-21) will be the last year CRPS will be able to offer this program at BES. 

School and Family Wellness Worker
During these uncertain times it can be helpful for students and families to have someone they can connect with to talk about their fears and emotions. Please know that you can access Ms. Van Impe via phone and email. She is available too through google hangouts to meet face to face with you or your children. Reach out; together we can support each other with effective new ways to address social emotional supports. 

Allyson Van Impe (she/her)
School and Family Wellness Worker
Canadian Rockies Public Schools
403-762-4465 ex.6089

Right from the Start
Hi parents - Right from the Start is still here, creating mental health programming for your family, which comes to you via your child's learning slides. Here's our May newsletter with mental health information. And you are eligible for a $25 gift certificate from Edible Life when you contribute to our Parent Survey: how can we help you best?

Right From The Start

Settlement Services in the Bow Valley
Provides free and confidential services to Permanent Residents, Live-In Caregivers, and Refugees living in the Bow Valley. An in-school support worker provides ongoing support to students and families (planning before family arrival, school registration and orientation, school programming, parent information sessions, new student orientation program, etc.). Interpretation services may be available as needed. Please click here for the link to the current newsletter. More information about Settlement Services and a calendar of events is available at: or follow on Facebook:

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