May 29, 2020 Update

Spotlight on Learning
Exploring poetry has been keeping our Grade 5 students engaged during their literacy time. Writing using a variety of forms or genres is a Gr. 5 language arts outcome. We hope you enjoy these examples as much as we did!

Grade 8 Farewell
June is a time for reflecting and celebrating on our students' growth and learning.  With grade 8 student input, we have developed a plan for recognizing the achievements of our grade 8 class and saying farewell to them as they prepare for the transition to high school.  Because of COVID health restrictions, we will be doing an entirely virtual farewell for our learners. 

Our current plan is to prepare a slideshow presentation that will be  initially shared with our students in a group hang out on Friday, June 19th.  This slideshow will include well wishes from staff, awards recognition (paper awards will be printed and shared when COVID health restrictions are removed) and a student prepared farewell video. This presentation will be shared through the ENews with all students after our virtual celebration to provide families with a keepsake of their memories of Banff Elementary School.  Families are invited to share pictures and memories through a student shared google drive called "Farewell 2020."  Alternatively, pictures can be shared through email with Monsieur Vallee at  We welcome your thoughts as we plan for our final farewell.  Please email Mike Shoemaker or Debbie McKibbin.

Student Materials Pick-up
We are keen to return all items belonging to students.  Please send an email to with the day you are stopping by, and the materials will be placed on the table out front for pick up.

Library Book Returns
The countdown is on!  We have 135 library books to go. Ask your child’s teacher for the title if you are unsure. Returning a book? Please place in the blue bin out front of the school during regular school hours (8:00-3:30).  

Parent Support through COVID-19

School and Family Wellness Worker
During these uncertain times it can be helpful for students and families to have someone they can connect with to talk about their fears and emotions. Please know that you can access Ms. Van Impe via phone and email. She is available too through google hangouts to meet face to face with you or your children. Reach out; together we can support each other with effective new ways to address social emotional supports. 

Allyson Van Impe (she/her)
School and Family Wellness Worker
Canadian Rockies Public Schools
403-762-4465 ex.6089

Right from the Start
Hello BES families! Just a reminder that Right from the Start is here. We create weekly programming that teachers can include with your child(ren)'s educational materials. RFTS would love to hear from you; please take 5 minutes to fill out this brief Right from the Start Parent Survey and be entered into a draw for a $25 gift card to Edible Life. You can also have a look at our Newsletter for more good mental health resources. As always, we look forward to connecting with you via our website and social media:

Right From The Start

Settlement Services in the Bow Valley
Provides free and confidential services to Permanent Residents, Live-In Caregivers, and Refugees living in the Bow Valley. An in-school support worker provides ongoing support to students and families (planning before family arrival, school registration and orientation, school programming, parent information sessions, new student orientation program, etc.). Interpretation services may be available as needed. Please click here for the link to the current newsletter. More information about Settlement Services and a calendar of events is available at: or follow on Facebook:

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