Traffic Safety, Community Services: Feb. 14, 2014

Student Safety

We have observed a number of "close calls" between students and vehicles. We hope we can all agree as a community that close calls require a sense of urgency to ensuring the safest environment for our children and community members. Some reminders.


Big Horn:

Drop off and pick up only on the north side of the street. Do not use either of the staff parking lots. All walking to and from vehicles must be done at the crosswalk at Elk and Big Horn



Drop off and pick up only in designated areas. If done on the south side of street, you must use the crosswalk at Squirrel and Elk.  


Blocking traffic causes congestion and a safety issue. Although you may be in a hurry, we hope you can agree that creating an unsafe situation, where there is potential for injury or worst for our children, is not worth the few seconds you may save. 


We have a shared responsibility to maintain the highest standard of safety and we appreciate the communitty's collective effort and support. 



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