Report Cards, Pizza Fundraiser: March 18, 2014

Report Cards


Reports are coming home with your child tomorrow. Please see attachments from Mr. Irvine regarding our ongoing report card pilot. 

March 2014
Reporting to parents BES - Continues pilot
Last year, BES in collaboration with parents and staff, began to pilot a new outcomes based report card for grades 2 6.The main goal in introducing the new reportcard is to provide students and parents with more accurate information about learning progress and assist with providing specific feedback and areas of improvement.

With the creation of a reporting committee and ongoing feedback from parents and staff, the latest iteration of the report card reflects an ongoing effort to provide clear and accurate information about what your child knows and can do. This term there are 2 differences of note.

The Performance Indicators provide a measure and description based on the outcomes. Although the standards and expectations of the teacher have not changed, staff have collaborated to ensure the descriptors are more understood and consistent.

The Life Skill and Work Habits is now reflected in rubric form. During Parent/Teacher Conferences, many of you had the opportunity to view this rubric. A rubric is a coherent set of criteria for students' work/behaviour that includes descriptions of levels of performance quality on the criteria. Rather than a summative evaluation, this rubric assesses what a student is currently demonstrating and what behaviours are required for improvement.

Your thoughts and suggestions, as we continue to pilot the outcomesbased reports, are always welcome. Please feel free to find me at the school, or contact me by phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dean Irvine
Principal, Banff Elementary School


Pizza Fundraiser for everyone

Pizza sales sheets are due Wednesday, March 19 (tomorrow). Please make sure your child's name and classroom are on the top of your sales sheet. Please drop them off with cheque/money at the school office.

If you are in Div. 2 and would like to order some pizza or need more forms, it is available here on our school web-site.  


For Div. 2 order, please ensure the following information is written on the top of the form: 

child's name


Pick up date: April 11th at 12:03 pm at the back by gym doors


Div. 1  pick-up dates will be at the school in the back by gym doors on: 
April 8th at 3:07 pm for Kindergarten
April 9th at 3:07 pm for Grade 1
April 10th at 3:07 pm for Grade 2
April 11th at 12:03 pm for Grade 3

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