Annual Jump Rope for Heart Event

On Wednesday, June 4, over 40 children from grades 1-4 children from grades 1-4 gathered in our school gym for our Annual Jump Rope for Heart event. They skipped, long rope, double dutched and footsied for over an hour, keeping their hearts healthy and their bodies fit. Not only that, but many of these same kids took time out of their busy day to collect sponsor for the Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation. Money raised for this goes to support babies, children and adults who have heart issues or who have suffered from a stroke. Together, our school raised: $3135.00 !!!

That is yet another school record and an unbelievable amount of money raised by 6 - 10 year olds! You need to know that a percentage of this money will come back to our school to allow us to purchase gym equipment to keep our bodies and hearts fit and healthy. 



Picture number 1 from the photo album called Annual Jump Rope for Heart Event