Welcome back: Aug 29, 2014

Please see the school web-site at http://bes.crps.ca/ for additional information

Welcome back
We hope all of our BES families had a great summer! We are looking forward to an exciting year of learning and growing together. There is a lot of excitement about all the positive opportunities for students and staff this year and looking forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday. Class arrangement, class size and staffing announcements were shared in June and can be found here.
Back to school information - Gr. 1 to 6
Sept. 2 morning:
Students who have been attending Banff Elementary School should enter the school from their last year (2013-14 school year) boot room and  meet their last year teacher in their classroom. 
New students to BES should meet in the gym for an orientation and school tour. Please enter the school from the main office.
Sept. 2 afternoon:
To honour the student placement process, we will be taking time in the morning to place new students on to classes and to inquire about any students who are absent. This ensures we have balanced and appropriate class placement to start the year. When confirmed, students will transition to their new class teacher and classroom through a supportive and calm process involving all staff.  
Sept. 3:
School supplies that were ordered through School Council will be collected by students in the morning. Students who did not order through school council should bring all their school supplies on Wednesday, Sept. 3. 
More detail of the back to school information is available on the school web-site. 
Back to school information - Kindergarten
Staggered Entry and class placement letters have been sent. Please review those letters and join us at school according to the scheduled times and don't forget to sign up for your family/teacher intake conference.
School fees 
We, fortunately, have updated our student management system which has many more options. However, like any new system, we will have some growing pains as we begin to implement. Please be patient as we work through it and get school fees etc. to you as soon as we can.
Lunchtime - Gr. 1 to 6
12:00 pm to 12: 55 pm
12:00 pm to 12:30 pm - Play first, outside recess
12:30 pm to 12:55 pm - Lunch hour, eat in classrooms
Lunch supervision
Our enrollment is approx. 380 and as a staff have had to re-look at the structure and the supervision/safety of all students at lunch. The staff also learned from our Professional Development days last year about systems and their impact on how well students can self-regulate their behaviour. Based on the evidence we are providing structures that include less transitions by having play first and lunch after. There are numerous other reasons which benefit kids. Please see here for a NEA article on Play First.  Lunches will be eaten in the classrooms with supervision from our lunch supervisors and teachers on scheduled supervision. 
Teachers will ensure that students have ample opportunities to eat snacks as they begin to establish a routine for snack time. We also recognize individual nutrition needs, which can be easily accommodated. I there are any issues, your child should be encouraged to talk with their teacher. Parents can also discuss this with staff. Please send healthy snacks. Also, the school is working closely with Lunch Program co-coordinators to ensure a smooth transition for this year's lunch program. 
Earth Matters Lunch Program will continue this year. Please pack lunches that produce limited waste and is easy to return home in a sealed container/bag. Reusable containers and drink bottles make this possible. Any waste (unfinished food, wrappers, juice boxes, etc.) is sent home each day for parents to view and dispose of/recycle at home. 
Numerous staff concerns were also expressed regarding the safeness of the microwaves and hot water. Burns, proximity to microwaves (ie standing directly in front) and continual reheating of plastic containers were discussed. As well, the level of supervision required to ensure a high level of safety at the microwaves are not possible. Due to safety and supervision concerns, microwaves and hot water will not be available during lunch hours.  Please do not send students with lunches to be heated up. We encourage you to sign up for the lunch program and/or use thermoses.
Family Handbook
Please see the updated handbook here
Nature Explorers
If you have a student at Banff Elementary School, get ready for THE NEW “NATURE EXPLORERS”, an outdoor, hands-on program that will complement classroom learning in each subject from science, social studies, and language arts to math and the arts. The Nature Explorers lessons will enhance ongoing learning to support the development of our students who are becoming creative and engaged 21st Century learners. For more details please see July letter.
Have a great long weekend!