Week One: Update and Celebration, Sept. 5, 2014

We can all now celebrate the first week of school and wanted to thank all the students, staff and parents for such a successful start. We are pleased to report that our enrollment is up and currently at 377.
1) We kicked off the year with our first all school assembly this morning. The Spirit Council lead us through our new CUBS Code and we also talked about Earth Matters lunch, Nature Explorers, the success of  Play First and all the exciting things that we will be doing as a school this year. 
2) Play First, Lunch in classrooms
Student classroom lunch quotes: "It's nice and quiet and easy to talk with friends", "I like it, it is relaxing".
As you know the ability to have a calm and safe lunch was becoming challenging with the increase number of students. See here for previous communication. We have observed a significant improvement in many aspects related to this new arrangement. Staff and visitors have noticed a calmer environment, conflicts resulting in office referrals were zero compared to 6 last year, lunch supervisors are able to establish a connection to all the children in the classrooms, as well as many other benefits. 
If you have any thoughts for improvement, please give us a few weeks to settle into the routines and then please contact the teacher or Mr. Irvine. Thanks again for your support. 


3) We are now the CUBS! 



We respect ourselves, others, and the environment



We are responsible for our actions, our learning and we understand our differences



We show empathy, acceptance & we are a good friend to everyone


We think before we act and follow expectations so we are all safe
4) Our school district Pro-D this afternoon will be further exploring our thoughts regarding an instructional school goal around the question: How can we become more effective designers of student learning? Stay tuned over the year for updates of our teacher professional practice and how it connects to children in our classes.
Have a great weekend.