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Mountain Readers

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The Banff Elementary School Volunteer Reading Program

Banff Elementary School and BES School Council continues the success of Mountain Readers – a volunteer literacy program which has community volunteers coming into the school for 1 hour each week to read with students. We are all excited by the many successes we have seen, for both our volunteers and our students. For the current school year, we are looking to expand our list of volunteers so we can get more kids reading more often!

About the Program

The Banff Elementary School Mountain Readers Program has a goal of providing all students at BES with the opportunity to read in a one-on-one environment on a weekly basis. This will impact kids’ confidence and significantly improve literacy skills. The program will connect volunteers from the community (parents and non-parents) with student readers in a structured reading program, through which volunteers commit a minimum of 1 hour weekly to read with school students across all grades. Students will read out loud to the volunteer, volunteers will listen, ask questions, help with word prompts, and in some cases the volunteer may read to the student.

Why It’s Great!

· Banff kids will become better readers with more confidence

· It will be fun and rewarding for you and the children

· We will connect our school community with the broader Banff community

· You will be part of a vibrant school atmosphere

What does a Volunteer Do?

· Commit to a weekly reading timeslot.

· Get a Criminal Record Check from the RCMP (no fee with volunteer letter from BES).

· Attend a brief introduction / orientation session at the School.

· Sign in at the school office at your assigned time, head to your classroom, connect with your first student and find a quiet place to read.

· ENGAGE! The students will read out loud to the volunteer, and the volunteer listens, asks questions, and helps with word prompts. Sometimes, the volunteer may read out loud to the student.

· Each week, you will read with about 3 students for 15 – 20 minutes each.

Schedules and Times

We are currently in need of volunteers between Monday and Thursday starting at your choice of 8:45am, 9:00am, 9:30am, 10:30am or 1:00pm for 1 hour. If you are unable to commit weekly, but could commit bi-weekly, this would be welcome also. If you can’t make it one week due to other commitments, it’s okay to miss!

How to Register?

Please email with the following information:

Your First & Last Name. An indication of the best general times that you are available, and we will coordinate with the teacher schedules. Please indicate the DAY OR DAYS OF THE WEEK and the TIME OF DAY that could work for you. Please also include your email address, cell & home phone numbers. If you have kids attending BES, what grade are they in? If you signed up for this program through your company, what business do you work for? Are you available to be part of this great initiative? Can you forward this to somebody else who might be a great reading volunteer? We look forward to hearing back from you with questions or your commitment!